My Story

I never really thought of myself as a traveler much.  In fact, airports kind of kill my soul a little bit every time I have to go through one.  But, a shift happened for me over the last few years that has forced me to become more location independent which has turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done.

I never really thought of moving away from my parents in Virginia either.  My girlfriend wanted to move away as she’d lived there her whole life.  But, that was nothing new.  Every girl I ever dated, just about, wanted to move away.  She hated the winters and so did I, but I could be happy wherever I am.  I also didn’t want to go somewhere else on a whim and only trade one season for another to where it was too hot to do anything outside.

She already worked remotely, but I had an in-person business seeing clients weekly.  The good thing though is that I had been working on productizing our service into other types of offerings, specifically online products and books.  I initially did this as a way to reach beyond just our local market.  As it turns out, that would be the whole of what I do now.

The Evolution of our Thinking

We explored the idea of moving to other cities and found faults in all of them.  Even visiting some while traveling for other trips.  I can be happy wherever, but I was worried about her not liking where we ended up immediately and wanting to move on again.  I didn’t have any particular affinity for Virginia, I just sort of accepted that that was where I lived.  Nothing really keeping me there besides my business and my family, which is a lot, but nothing about it inherently made me want to stay.

The Winning Idea

We batted around the idea for a long time and came up with nothing.  Then she approached me with the idea of full time RV living.  I hadn’t even thought of it before.  But, I was definitely game right away with some healthy skepticism.  That sounded exciting.  And if we didn’t like some place, we just move on.  And we could work from home as usual while seeing the country.  I could deal with that.  I’m skipping over a lot here which I can go into in more detail in other posts.







I still had to make some transitions in my business and refer out some remaining clients while continuing to productize our service we offered.  I had also made a little bit of headway in consulting for the industry we were in before I took everything on the road.  Those two things allowed me to leave the in-person service based business behind and still work from the road.

I’ve also expanded into other markets and built partner relationships with some of the technology providers I liked and used in our business and now resell their products to lifestyle entrepreneurs and digital nomads like you.

My number one passion, fishing, is something that I’ve been able to expand upon too.  I’ve fished the vast majority of the coastline of the southeast U.S. and the entire Gulf coast.  Not many people I know have done that.  And, of course, I blog about it while promoting the gear that I love to use.

Critical Must Haves

There are a few things that definitely make this lifestyle possible.  Obviously, you have to be working from home or have the ability to work from home.  Conversely, you could have jobs in each location you travel to which some people do successfully.

Working from home requires reliable internet.  This is something that is a love/hate relationship with travelers and cell service companies.  But, we’ve been able to do it and secure back plans in place if one thing doesn’t work out or isn’t in service in one area.

And you have to have the right systems in place.  Depending on the type of business you have, you’ll need to run the operations, finance, sales, and marketing efficiently.  And unless you have a mobile work force, yourself, you will probably find yourself doing most of it.  Most digital nomads are pretty independent and tend to work alone.

For me, having a good lead generation system, automatic billing, an organized and automated sales pipeline, and automatic bookkeeping is crucial for me to work.  I use several systems for each, some systems do more than one thing.  These things allow me to save time and money.  I don’t have to pay a staff to do them for me.  It cuts down on slow downs and mistakes, and smooths out cashflow, bookkeeping, and other business operations.  For a solopreneur, that is gold.

I also needed to change the focus of what I was doing in the business daily.  I tire easily of waiting on other people, of getting bogged down in the creation of new projects, of supporting multiple different projects at the same time.  I took an inventory of what I enjoyed and built the business structure around that.  I knew for a fact, that I love networking.  In person or online, it doesn’t matter.  I’ve often said, if I could network full time, I would.  So I started to move that direction.  And I enjoy sales.  Most people don’t.  However, making a big sale, but one that puts you on the hook for 12 more months of work can be daunting.  Instead, through my partnerships, I network, make friends, make sales, make commissions (hopefully recurring commissions), and repeat.  The company with whom I partner provides the product/service, support, etc.  I stick to what I like.  This is my framework through which I intend most future projects to fit into.  This is my plan and it fits my lifestyle.

I will be going into more depth about these systems going forward.  And would be happy to discuss with you about what they are and how they work if you think it might be a good fit for your business.

With the right product/service, or combination of more than one, and the proper infrastructure in place to deliver that product or service, you can do quite well for yourself in just about any location you want.  It might take some planning and a decent transition, but if you’re interested in this lifestyle, start taking the first steps now.  It’s exciting and feels right.  I have no plans to go back to the status quo.

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