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Do you feel you don’t need a full hour of consulting or a full course since you only have one question?  Ask a Consultant.  Pay as You Go.

This is our “pay as you go” consulting option. Instead of paying a monthly fee or large hourly rate, we’re offering the chance to ask one thing at a time for a nominal fee.  This is especially attractive to entrepreneurs who are just starting or in the early stages of their business.

After payment, we’ll be in touch with you to get your question and we’ll answer as thoroughly and quickly as we can.  It won’t be a simple yes or no to your potentially complex questions.  You’ll get a discussion of various approaches, benefits, disadvantages, or possible trade offs of each and, if possible, a specific recommendation for course of action for you given your situation and goals.

If by some chance we don’t have all the answers for you, we promise to include all relevant reference links and/or connect you with other professionals so you’ll know exactly where to go to next. Emails will be answered personally upon receipt.

This service is also DISCOUNTED from our normal $150 hourly rate.

Click the button below and we’ll be in touch right away to solve your problem.

Each consulting issue can be solved for your business for less.

Topics Covered: We can help you with any of the areas listed above in our resources and training.

  • Sales
    • Pricing
    • Setting Up an Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) Model
    • Profit Margins
    • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Planning
    • Email Marketing
    • Information Marketing
    • Prospecting
    • Advertising
    • Self-Publishing
  • Operations
    • Getting Started
    • Organization
    • Business Planning
    • Office Space Requirements
    • Incorporation
    • Administration
    • HR
    • Customer Service
    • IT
    • Legal
    • Insurance
    • Avoiding Burnout
    • Staffing
  • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping

Ready to Go?  Here’s How it Works:

Click the Buy Now Button below to purchase. Immediately after purchase, you’ll be brought to our thank you page where you can fill in the form to ask your question.  As soon as we receive your question, we’ll acknowledge it and you’ll receive a full reply within a guaranteed 48 hours, but usually within one business day.

We will provide the best information for you we can.  If by some chance, we have absolutely no answer for you, we’ll refund your money.

Consulting: Pay as You Go

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