Sales, Marketing, CRM Automation Software

This is really the life blood of a digital business.  This allows for the collection of leads through lead forms, the ability to nurture and continually email and mobile market to them, the ability to put them into a custom sales pipeline, to follow up with them, and to automate every step of the process.  These kinds of systems can integrate with your other systems including your website, store, payment processors, and accounting so it’s all a seamless process from start to finish for the life cycle of your customers.

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Hootsuite Social Media Managment

Hootsuite is a great digital nomad social media management system that can allow you to schedule and automate marketing through your social channels while you’re at play.  You can manage all of your networks and pages all in one easy dashboard.

 Payment Gateway

I’ve used for 10 years to reliably and securely charge my clients on automatic recurring monthly billing. Find out how to offer your customers recurring or subscription-based transactions with Automated Recurring Billing.

Learn about ARB’s file upload capabilities and how to integrate your website to the ARB service.

GoDaddy Automatic Online Bookkeeping

Outright online bookkeeping for just $9.99 / mo!

Taxes, payroll, bookkeeping and accounting. These are definitely a few things that stop people from starting businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. It’s just too difficult and too much to think about. And, if you’re boostrapping, it can be really hard to hire someone to do it. But, this might be one of the best inventions for entrepreneurs ever. And it’s cost effective too.

GoDaddy bought an automatic bookkeeping service that used to be called Outright. If you’ve ever used for your personal finances, it works in exactly the same way. Here’s what you do. You simply integrate it with your online business banking and connect your other accounts like Paypal or anywhere else that money might flow in and out of your business.

Get automatic online bookkeeping for digital nomads here. 

Screencast-O-Matic Screen Recorder

Screencast-O-Matic is a free and easy tool to use to create videos of what you may be doing on your screen.  You can also record webcam and screen simultaneously, recored Skpype calls, make how to or educational videos, and publish right to Youtube.  The Pro version has more features including editing capabilities.  It’s only $18 for a license, but this link will get you 20% off.




I’ve always used a laptop PC with the current version of Windows.  When my laptop was updated automatically to Windows 10, it soon became very sluggish and would freeze showing 100% disk usage.  After weeks of trying every fix I could think of and could research how to do, I’d tried it all.  Even some things I probably shouldn’t have.  Nothing was working.  It’s usable, but not great.  I spent the next 3 months or so looking for a new laptop option and ended up starting over several times. After considering everything, I decided, I liked the idea of never needing anti-virus or MS Office again.  I bit the bullet and decided to go full on Google Chromebook.  Essentially, I use Google Drive and the associated apps along with some other external hardware to create what is in essence, a cloud based dummy terminal.  Between not needing those other expensive softwares, not having them bog down my system, the back up associated with external devices and the cloud, and a $169 price point, it was the right decision for me.

My Passport Ultra 1TB External Harddrive

I combine my Chrombook with a My Passport Ultra External Hard Drive with 1 TB storage.  I keep it connected simply by USB and attempt to store or install little to nothing on the Chromebook, itself.  I have more than enough storage on this drive for all of my business needs and even dozens of my HD lifestyle pics and videos I’ve shot over the years.




Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone

For my choice of smartphone, I like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

I feel like it is a small tablet.  And it has a few features that give it some more versatility compared to other phones.  I don’t use it a lot, but the stylus, itself is pretty involved with what it can do.  I feel like this series of phone gives me just a little easier time performing business tasks from it especially while traveling or outdoors.  I do recommend a spare battery.  There are some aftermarket ones that offer more storage than the originals.  Also, pick up a USB power bank.

ASUS Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet

I have my ASUS Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet for when I’m out being mobile, traveling, or just for entertainment at home in the evening.  I’ve also found, it’s more convenient to run all my Skype calls through the app on tablet, again making it less burdensome on the laptop.

And a tablet is good to keep in the living quarters for evening entertainment before bed.  Being an RV entrepreneur, we don’t have regular TV so the visual consumption usually involves a bunch of Youtube videos before falling asleep.

Gopro HD Video Action Camera and Microphone

My Gopro microphone set up is what I shoot a lot of HD video with, especially outdoor, travel, and lifestyle videos.  The set up in the picture to the left is inexpensive, compact, and works well in the outdoors for decent audio quality without getting hung up in microphone wires while doing activities although I do have those too. You can find each one on Amazon by clicking the images.

Weboost Cell Signal Booster

Traveling full time can be stressful and if you’re running a business, good connectivity is paramount.  Without that, you probably can’t work unless you want to be stuck in coffee shops all day.  Despite all the improvements in cellular networks, there are still many places where it can be hard to find a signal.  That’ where Weboost comes in.  There are all kinds of units that can fit your type of chosen travel or lifestyle.  It’s not magic, it won’t make a signal appear that isn’t there, but it can be the difference between a marginal signal and actually being able to work and connect with people reliably.

One more thing I’d add to that is make sure you have redundancy and diversification.  We have 2 cell phones with Verizon unlimited plans.  A 4G Community hotspot device that uses Sprint.  And a Skyroam device that can tap into all networks and can work internationally for about $10/day.  This is really a back up for our backups and for staying in touch internationally where old school methods had failed us before.