Small Business, Legal Forms, and Contract Templates?

We’ve got you covered.

Business and legal forms binder cover

This is a huge folder with over 600 business, legal forms, and contracts you may need as an entrepreneur and small business person.

Forms included:

Everything from Banking to Real Estate.  Take a look at the folders below containing nearly every kind of template you might ever need.

Legal forms folder

This is one of the top areas holding entrepreneurs back.  Don’t go into relationships or agreements without anything written in place.

Business and legal forms binder cover

We want you to be successful and secure in your operations.  This package won’t cost hundreds of dollars like legal services do.  For a short time, we’re giving these resources away free to you.

Now you have an arsenal of business forms and templates for you to customize for any situation you may need.  Feel confident about clearly laying out your responsibilities and relationships with others including employees as well as other businesses.

You’ll also get a copy of the ebook, Lawyer Up.  Combine these customizable templates with proper selection of the right attorney, should you need them.

Lawyer up contents

It’s also on a 4 part MP3 file recording so you can listen to it anywhere.


Download this incredibly valuable package and don’t let legal forms, contracts, business forms confuse you or stop you any longer.

*It’s important to note that there’s no substitute for an attorney on retainer.  This package is not meant to replace your attorney or anything they may offer you in services.  These forms are not universal.  Your individual state laws will vary which is why they are 100% customizable.  However, any agreement on paper is far better than operating without them.

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