Is accounting hard for you in your business?

If you don’t know where to start or if fear of the unknown is holding you back regarding accounting and bookkeeping in your business, read on, this resource is for you.

Accounting Principles for entrepreneurs1

What’s included?

Table of Contents

What Is Accounting Anyway? 
Basic Accounting Principles 
Accounting Principles 
Profit and Loss 
Bookkeeping Basics 
Personal Accounting
Making a Profit 
Assets and Liabilities 
Gains and Losses 
The Balance Sheet 
Revenue and Receivables 
Inventory and Expenses 
Depreciation Reporting 
Investing and Financing 
Building a Cash Cushion 
Quasar Software 
Buy the Best Accounting Software 
Managing the Bottom Line 
What is the FASB? 
What are Auditors? 
What is Forensic Accounting? 
Who Uses Forensic Accountants? 
What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? 
What Happened at Enron? 
What Happened in Corporate Accounting Scandals? 
What is Financial Window Dressing 
What is a Corporation? 
What are Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies? 
What is a Sole Proprietorship? 
About GAAP 
Types of Costs 
Measuring Costs 
Parts of an Income Statement Part 1 
Parts of an Income Statement Part 2 
Parts of an Income Statement Part 3 
How to Analyze a Financial Statement 
Earnings per Share 
What is Price/Earnings Ratio 
What’s the Difference between Private and Public Company Reporting 
What are Other Ratios Used in Financial Reporting? 
What is Acid Test Ratio and ROA Ratio? 
What are Independent Auditors? 
What is Accounting Fraud? 
What Does and Audit Do? 
What Does and Audit Report Contain? 
How is Accounting Used in Business? 
How to Set Up a Simplified Accounting System for Your Business 

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Additionally, you’ll also get these ADD ON’S.
  1. An Expense Estimate Worksheet
  2. Profitability Analysis Worksheet
  3. An Employment Agreement
  4. An Independent Contractor Agreement
  5. Top 7 Tax Tips
  6. Tax Issues for the Self-Employed
  7. An “old fashioned way” Simple 3 column ledger paper (printable)
  8. Business accounting checklists

1. General Business Expenses (Deductions)
2. Paypal Report (Sales/Expenses)
3. Advertising
4. Commission & Fees
5. Interest
6. Legal & Professional Services
7. Office Expenses
8. Rent or Lease of Equipment
9. Rent or Lease of Property
10. Repairs & Maintenance
11. Supplies
12. Taxes & Licenses
13. Travel
14. Meals & Entertainment (50%) Expenses (Con’t)
15. Meals & Entertainment (100%)
16. Utilities
17. Wages (Employees or Contractors)
18. _________ (Fill in the Blank Expense Sheet)
19. Sales
20. Interest
21. ________ (Fill in the Blank Income Sheet)
22. Budget Worksheet
23. Home Office Expense Worksheet
24. Expenses Worksheet
25. Mileage Log

Accounting Principles for entrepreneurs1

If you’re about to get started in business or need to improve your knowledge on the accounting/bookkeeping side of things in your business’ finances, get this resource now.

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Accounting Principles for Entrepreneurs