The Full-Time RV Lifestyle

Are you tired of the status quo?  Do what we did: Hit the road and live in an RV!

  • This is the story of our initial decision to travel full-time, planning and selling our stuff, living an ongoing adventure, and working on the road.
  • We provide an overview of the full-time RV life cycle that helps newbie and veteran travelers hit the road, avoid headaches, and enjoy the full-time experience.
  • Included are strategies for working remotely and staying in shape while traveling.

This isn’t another book of 101 tips and tricks or a series of blog posts. It’s years of real experience on the road and how we made the lifestyle work.  There are links and resources to help you live a fulfilling, full-time RV lifestyle.

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*If you’re interested in pursuing this full-time RV travel, talk to us about lifestyle consulting, for both work and travel, to help walk you through the overwhelming process of getting into the full-time RV lifestyle.