Are you a lifestyle entrepreneur or digital nomad?

Have you considered adding marketing automation to your business?

Chances are, you’re a 1 man or woman show or solopreneur.  You literally can’t do it all when it comes to everything a business needs.

That’s where automation comes in to play.  It can help you save time and money and systematize your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

There are many processes you can automate from your lead generation, to pre-qualification, even to your sales process.  You focus on what needs to be done most urgently by you in your business and automate the rest.

  • For example, automate your lead generation and only talk to qualified leads. Don’t waste your personal time on low quality leads that are unlikely to buy.
  • Never forget to follow up.  A lot of money is left on the table because entrepreneurs forget to follow up.  Automate this process and win over leads that didn’t sign right away.
  • Stay organized with your contacts and your leads with where they are in your sales pipeline.
  • Spend less time keeping up with your contacts’ actions and needs.

Capture more leads

With over 150 apps and integrations you can funnel all your data into your system.

Email marketing

Automatically send newsletters, campaign followups, blasts, and individual emails.

Automatically engage with your contacts

Send welcome emails, birthday emails, trigger campaigns from actions, sales follow-ups and more.

Sales automation

Automatically nurture, advance, and close on deals.

Automated actions based on your contacts’ emails, actions, time within deals and stages, website browsing history, and more. Manual actions are assisted via automation features to ensure you can do more with your time. This provides the perfect blend of automation & personalized human touch to your deals.

Set up custom sales processes

Craft your own sales process combining automated and manual touches to provide the best sales experience possible while saving time.

Use intelligent behavior based logic to automatically nurture leads. Reach out manually when the contact is ready.

  Intelligence driven automations

There are countless options for what you can automate within each of your automations.

Update data, initiate campaigns, add branches, add conditions, wait for certain conditions to happen, start or nurture sales processes, etc.

These are just some of the ideas that can be implemented and automated in your business.

But, you might be thinking you’re not ready for a system yet.

That could be true.  Your business cold be so simple it doesn’t need any help.  However, when businesses are larger, it is harder, longer, and much more work to implement a system over top of many more contacts and data.  Some automation systems can be a little as $10/month and right for any budget.  Compared to hiring someone who you might pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a month (even a low priced VA), who you have to train, accept when mistakes are made, they get stick, don’t perform,  automation seems attractive.

And waiting until your company is larger and you have more complex processes and mountains of more data in place, can drastically increase the work and cost involved in order to transition everything over into a new system.  You don’t want to buy into a new system only to have to spend 2 weeks in data entry alone in order to use it.  It’s better to get the right system early on, establish your processes, and follow them while implementing the system to grow along with your business.

You might think, my business is too specialized and I need to manage every aspect of it.

That could be true too.  But, there should also be some processes you have that are regular and relatively simple that can be automated.  All businesses have them.  And the messages your clients and prospects will be receiving will be from you just as if you had taken the time to send them that day.  This can be particularly useful in getting back to clients or prospects in a timely manner when dealing with multiple time zones between you and them due to your traveling. Think of automation as just relieving you of your repetitive tasks or tasks you’re currently not doing now.

Not quite sure how automation can help you as a digital nomad?

There’s nothing as bad as being location independent and having the ability to travel to nice places only to be stuck inside because you’re bogged down with work and no one else is able to help.  Imagine having a significant percentage of your work taken care of automatically.  Imagine being able to generate more leads than you are now.  Imagine being able to go visit those nice places or take a few days off and things can still run smoothly while you enjoy what you traveled there to do.

Speak with us about how automation can make your digital nomad life easier.

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